A road petrol station and its field version
A functional model of the Polish Patent Office No.  1392. KI.: 42c. submitted on 18 January 1929, approved on 3 June 1929.


The method and device for self-regulating  temperature and mixture control in aero-engine
carburettors and for regulating the amount of cooling of cylinders in aircraft with air-cooled engines. A patent of the Polish Patent Office No. 11896. KI,: 46c 7/20 submitted on 15 March 1927, approved on 9 April 1930, published on 12 June 1930.


A technology of permanent combination of the brick wall with a reinforced concrete structure
A field of industrial construction – 1932.


A non-tap device (easily opened buckle for safety belts of the aircraft cabin crew). A patent No. 18251. KI.: 62c, 23/03. Submitted on 16 September 1931, approved on 7 April 1933, published on 30 August 1933.


A synchronizer  or a device matching shots from the machine gun with the position of the propeller’s blades
A patent No. 22825. KI.: 72h, 7/02 submitted on 16 March 1934, approved on 22 February 1936, published on 25 April 1936.

Massed- produced model of synchronizers for a radial engine of high and medium capacity:
JS-1, JS-2, JS-3, JS-37, JS-38, JS-3bis (model 39).

Modernization of the carburettor of Claudel Hobson
Motolux AVT-80B for the Bristol Pegasus engine VIII and carburettors for other aircraft engines.


The pressure cabin gondola Motolux GP intended for the stratospheric balloon
having numerous cutting-edge technology solutions (likely to be inventions). In 1938 three cabins were constructed: one for testing, one for flight and one spare. Two further gondolas were supposed to be ordered by the Argentinian aviation.


A fast opening central lock for the parachute,
parachute harness commissioned by the Balloon and Parachute Manufacture in Legionowo in 1939.

A portable gas shelter
commissioned by the LOPP in 1939